Must Buys

Don't forget these must buy items if you are bringing a new puppy home.

Food & Treats

Your puppy will have a big appetite in order to fuel their body with the energy to develop healthy bones, organs, skin, and coat.

As a result, for the first year of your puppy's life, you will need to feed them a diet created just for their nutritional needs. Buy dry food formulated for puppies which will have the correct blend of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Treats are a little more fun and come in many different types. Soft and small treats will make it easier for your puppy to chew and swallow. Be sure to buy a reputable brand to keep your puppy safe.

Stainless steel bowls for food and water will be your best choice. These type of bowls are strong and easy to clean.

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Crate & Bed

A crate will provide your puppy with a sense of home and security when you are away or busy and will be a key tool in housebreaking your puppy.

Make sure to pick a size that your puppy can stand up, lie down, turn around, and stretch inside.

Adding a bed to the crate will make it a more comfortable stay during long stays and night time sleep.

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Keeping your puppy busy with toys of different types will keep them entertained and avoid chewing on other household items. Toys will also help distract your puppy when you are busy.

Be sure to buy high quality products that will not tear apart easily since the material can be dangerous if eaten accidently by your puppy.

Your puppy will enjoy an assortment of hard-rubber toys, plush toys, fetching toys, and tug toys.

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Leash, Collar & Harrness

Your puppy will need a leash and collar as soon as you are home so you can safetly show them off to the world! It is best to pick a leash that is durable and easy to grip.

The collar should be adjustable to size properly when your puppy quickly grows. Be sure the collar fits well enough to not slip off, but with enough space to not slip off; usually two fiugers should be able to slip through.

You should also use a harness for your puppy. The harness allows a leash to control your puppy while walking without injuring their neck. Attaching a leash to a collar can cause injury to puppies when they become anxious and begin to pull strongly.

Your puppy's collar will also need an ID tag. The only information you will need to add to it is your name and phone number so people can search for you in case your puppy becomes lost. It will also be important for you to microchip your pet when you visit a veterinarian.

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